Jimny,4.90:1 T-Case Gear Set

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Jimny 4.90 T-Case Gear Set

Low range gears are critical for technical off-road driving. Our Jimny low range gear kit is the highest quality gear set available. Low Range reduction is 4.90:1 (115% low range reduction). High range reduction is 16%. No welded or second rate, gears here. These are strong, run quiet and take a huge amount of abuse. This complete kit includes three new precision cut gears, counter shaft, needle bearings, shims, o-ring, gaskets, and input/output seals. Heavy duty front output shaft recommended (Click Here).

Choosing the right material for our gears was our top priority. Gears that perform well under load and street driving require a high quality steel alloy material. We chose Japanese alloy SCM415 for its great strength and wear resistance. SCM415 outperforms the 8620 material in yield and ultimate tensile strength resulting in a gear that is less prone to chipping or cracking. SCM415 also retains its strength under high-temperature use. High carbon materials such as SCM420 or 8620 are not the best choice in our experience and opinion as they do not carburize as well and can become brittle.

Note: The recommended tire size for the 4.90 gears is 30"-31"

Will not fit in Jimny chain-drive transfer cases.