Front Roller Kit, 3.5"-1/4" Wall

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Rock Assault_ª 9 Front Roller Kit

The Rock Assault 9ª Front Roller Kit is now available. Front Roller Kits come with:

  • Rock Assault 9ª Axle Housing (Choice of tubing 3.5” _” Wall, or 3.5” 3/8” Wall)
  • Rock Assault 9ª Knuckles
  • Rock Assault 9ª Inner C’s
  • Rock Assault 9ª Steering Arm Set
  • Rock Assault 9ª Seal Housing Kit.
  • Rock Assault 9ª Fully Loaded Front Brake Kit
  • Unit Hubs (lug nuts included)

We also redesigned the Rock Assaultª 9 Axle Housing to allow for the use of both a 9” and 10" differential! This will give you the option to create an even stronger axle and give you that piece of mind knowing you have the strongest axle under your rig.

We are so confident our Rock Assault 9ª is the strongest on the market that we are backing the product with our legendary No Questions Asked Warranty.

Available Options

  • Rock Assaultª 9 Front Roller Kit, 3.5"-1/4" Wall, 300613-KIT
  • Rock Assaultª 9 Front Roller Kit, 3.5"-3/8" Wall, 300612-KIT

Note: Ball Joints and Caster Bushings are not included. They can be purchased seperately here.

Note: The differential bolt pattern on 9" Axle Housings are NOT universal. Please check before cutting or welding

Note: If you are using our Rock Assaultª 9 Front Axle Housing, you will need to use a 10" ram for your steering setup.

Note: For an additional $75, we will install the inspection hole kit in the location shown.

Click here for Inspection Hole Kit