Knuckle Set, D60, Ball Joint (Pair)

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Rock Assaultª 9 Knuckles

After years of development, Trail ÐGear is proud to present our Rock Assaultª 9 Knuckles.Ê They are fully Interchangeable with Dana 60 Ball Joint Style C’s and our 1 Ton Unit bearing. Fabricated from 3/8” CNC formed sheet metal and CNC Machined Billet components. The Ball joints press in to steel components for better retention as compared to knuckles manufactured from other materials. A keyed steering arm mount system with six _”-20 connecting points will keep your steering arms attached under the toughest conditions. Tapped brake caliper mount holes make welding of the brake brackets unnecessary, and ensure proper alignment of your braking system. These knuckles allow for 50¡ of steering when used with Our Rock Assaultª 9 Inner C’s, and with most OEM Ball joint C’s.

Note: Works with TG Unit Hub (part #144012-KIT).

Available Options:

  • Rock Assaultª 9 Knuckles (PAIR), 300540-KIT
  • Rock Assaultª 9 Knuckle (Driver Side), 300538-KIT
  • Rock Assaultª 9 Knuckle (Passenger Side), 300539-KIT