5.38 Samurai Ring and Pinion Gear

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Trail-Creeperª Samurai Ring & Pinion Gears

Looking for a Ring & Pinion that you can rely on even on the most punishing trails?Ê Trail-Gear is proud to offer Trail-Creeper Ring & Pinion Gears.Ê These are the very same gears that have won multiple championships on the W.E. Rock circuit and have proven themselves on some of the most grueling off-road courses in the world.

Our Trail-Creeper gears are made from tool-grade 8620 steel and heat-treated for maximum strength and wear resistance.Ê The gear teeth are cut using Gleason CNC hobbing machines & cutters.Ê Gleason gear-cutting technology produces an unprecedented level of accuracy and surface finish, which allows the gears to transmit more torque and improve fuel efficiency.Ê The higher accuracy and surface finish also produces a quieter-running gear set, which means theyÕll work great on the daily driver too.

If youÕre looking for a Gear Set thatÕs easy on the wallet, but can handle whatever you throw at it, look no further, because Trail-Creepers are only available from Trail-Gear.

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