Rock Defense Front Bumper (1986-1988 Truck and 1986-1989 4Runner)

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Rock Defenseª Toyota Front Bumpers

HREW bumpers are strong, but Trail-Gear had to take things to the next level by making our bumpers out of 1020 DOM (1.75" X .120" wall).

1020 DOM is more dent resistant than HREW tubing and it will not split down the seam as we have all seen the cheaper HREW tubing do. We can confidently say that our Rock Defenseª bumpers are one of the strongest on the market.

Mounting holes on the winch plate are drilled for most 5000-9500 model low-profile winches and smaller sized 9.0R Warn competition winches.Ê For larger winches some minor trimming of the grill may be required. Bumper also features a shackle receiver that will make a great anchor point for winch or strap recoveries.

Note: Turn signal mounting tabs are not included. Unpainted steel finish. Will not work with roller type fairlead, requires hawse type fairlead. Not intended for use with a body lift. Bumper not rated for towing.

Shipping on all front and rear bumpers to the continental US is $64.

Body Style Year Range Bumper Model
Pickup 1984-1985 Model #1 (120059-1-KIT)
Pickup 1986-1988 Model #2 (120060-1-KIT)
Pickup 1989-1995 Model #3 (120061-1-KIT)
4Runner 1984-1985 Model #1 (120059-1-KIT)
4Runner 1986-1989 Model #2 (120060-1-KIT)
4Runner 1990-1995 Model #3 (120061-1-KIT)