About Heretic Fab

Our mission is to take years of experience and provide a quality selection of parts for off-road enthusiasts.

Years of racing experience translates into winning results. 

Heretic Fab is guided by years of experience and knowledge from desert racing in the SCORE series and has been around Ultra4 cars since the inception of the class, and has the greatest metallurgical knowledge of anyone else in the field. Over the years Heretic Fab's owner, Taylor Hansen, has made many friends in the industry which helped him attain dealer and wholesale rights to those shops. Heretic Fab's mission is to share years of racing and building parts experience with the Toyota and general garage builders.

The only choice if you want the best.

Heretic Fab is a garage grown business starting in 2007 from the determined mind of a young 19 yr old Taylor Hansen. He had just been employed by a Thermal Processing shop named Thermo-Fusion in Hayward, CA. With access and growing knowledge to this ultra specific equipment and his long standing love for rock crawling, most specifically Toyota's. He thought of combining the two to build the most metallurgically sound and tough links in the industry. Combining high grade 4130 with the hardening process that he worked with, the Heretic Fab heat treated links were born. Heretic Fab's links have been beaten on and thrashed on for years and years, even some moving on to the next rig outlasting all the other parts.