TG LED 30" Combo Light Bar, Black

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TG LED Light Bars

Need an alternative LED light that has the power to light up the trail without breaking the bank? The new TG LED Light Bars are your answer. TG LED Light Bars are versatile and can be mounted on any vehicle ranging from trucks, cars, and UTVs. These lights are powerful enough to light up the darkest road or trail.

TG LED Light Bars have a combo flood and spot optics with 3W Cree LEDs with a color temp of 6500K (cool white). The lens on our TG LED Light Bars is made out of polycarbonate, shatter resistant material to prevent any damage to the optics. The housing of our light bars is made out of extruded, diecast aluminum for superior strength. The brackets on the light bars are made out of die cast, powder-coated black aluminum with rubber anti-vibration insulators. The brackets can mount to both tubes and flat surfaces. TG LED Light Bars include a 15” wiring pigtail (2x 18-gage wire with outer jacket). The input voltage on TG LED Light Bars is 10-30VDC.

TG LED Light Bars are IP67 Rated.

Available in three different sizes: 6", 12", 20", 30", 40" and 50"

Below are the specs of our TG LED Light Bars:

Part Number Description Wattage Current Draw Initial Lumens # of LEDs
302454 TG LED Light Bar, 6" 36 Watts 3 Amps 2880 Lumens 12
302455 TG LED Light Bar, 12" 72 Watts 6 Amps 5760 Lumens 24
302476 TG LED Light Bar, 20" 120 Watts 10 Amps 9600 Lumens 40
303275 TG LED Light Bar, 30" 180 Watts 15 Amps 14400 Lumens 60
303276 TG LED Light Bar, 40" 240 Watts 20 Amps 19200 Lumens 80
303277 TG LED Light Bar, 50" 288 Watts 24 Amps 23040 Lumens 96

Note: Covers sold separately. Opaque black covers may be required by law in your area.